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How to dry hair after showering besides a hair dryer

The way we dry our hair, in particular when using warm styling tools can damage hair follicles, which is why hair can fly or get out of control when wet. In order to avoid this problem, "Madam Net" tells you how to dry hair after showering barrin consulting.

How to dry hair after showering without a hair dryer

  • In the following, the quality way to dry hair after a bathe besides a blow dryer, no longer only helps dry hair, but also continues its health and shine.
  • Drying hair in the open air The method of drying hair in the open air, is one of the rapid ways to dry hair, and keep the hair strands clean and non-volatile. If you choose to let your hair dry naturally, pick out a towel made of bamboo, or microfiber, which is mild on your hair and dries it gently barring stripping it of its herbal oils, in contrast to those made of thicker cotton. Dry your hair properly with the towel, and press each section of your hair with the towel for a few seconds. Use one of a kind facets of the towel when drying so the water would not run back into your hair. Then, comb it with a wide-toothed brush, and flip your head upside down quite a few times, to pace up the drying process and pass air without difficulty between hair strands to dry. Then, let your hair dry automatically in the open air, making positive to hold strolling your fingers between the hair strands every few minutes to allow air to ignore via the strands to dry them faster. Do no longer overlook to apply a hair serum, to keep away from hair frizz.

Tips for drying hair after showering

1. Moisturizing hair while showering

Make certain to moisturize your hair for the duration of the shower, the use of the gorgeous conditioner for your hair kind and needs. This is in order to defend your hair strands from harm caused by using blow-drying or climate changes. It additionally helps soak up water from the hair.

2. Choose the right conditioner

  • It is very important to be aware of how to pick the right conditioner for your hair type. For example, if you have mild hair, you must use a conditioner whose residences consist of the word “Volume”, which capacity adding volume.
  • If your hair is hard and dry, you must pick a hair conditioner that incorporates moisturizing homes or natural oils that help soften the hair and provide it the crucial moisture.
  • For damaged and damaged hair, seem for hair conditioners with houses that include proteins that treat damaged hair strands, rebuild them, and soften them.
  • For dyed hair, you need to pick out a hair conditioner that is free of parabens and sulfates, to make sure that the shade does no longer fade.

3. Comb hair after showering

  • Combing hair after showering performs an essential position in defending hair strands from damage. Therefore, you must consider how to comb your hair through following these steps:
  • Be careful no longer to comb your hair immediately after washing, however as a substitute leave it a little to dry. Wet hair is greater inclined to breakage than dry hair.
  • Comb the ends of the hair, to detangle them using a wide-toothed hair comb, which is made of timber or hard rubber, supplied that it is no longer used when the hair is dry, but instead wet. Avoid plastic combs, which create electrical charges.