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What occurs in the ninth month .. for the pregnant girl and the fetus?

The ninth month is the last month of pregnancy, for the duration of which the pregnant female prepares to obtain the child after nearly 40 weeks of waiting, and the fetus is making ready from its area to descend, as it turns its head closer to the cervix; What reasons the pregnant mother to feel a collection of contractions, accompanied by pain and generic heaviness in the body, as for the fetus, most of its physique structures are ready to adapt to the outside world at one of a kind levels. To analyze about the problems of being pregnant in the ninth month and the preparations for childbirth, the assembly was once with Dr. Magda Abdel Wahab, professor of obstetrics and gynecology.

1- Fetal weight in the ninth month

  • The stage of pregnancy, with all its vicissitudes, is about to end, so that the mother is making ready to receive a new stage of her lifestyles in which her newborn, who has been waiting for days and nine months, will share with her.
  • The ninth month of being pregnant starts offevolved in the 36th week and continues until 40, and it is expected that childbirth will appear at any time all through this month, and the pregnant woman should put together to receive her child at any moment.
  • The weight of the fetus in the ninth month of pregnancy stages between 2-3 kg, whilst its size is between 43-50 centimeters.

2- Physical modifications in the pregnant female in the ninth month

  • Many physical changes show up on the mother's body with the drawing near date of her birth, the most important of which are; The measurement of the uterus reaches its most extent, attaining the base of the sternum.
  • The abdomen is decrease than its previous level, due to the function of the fetus between the pelvic bones, facing the cervix.
  • Relax the decrease pelvic muscle tissues around the bladder, feeling like electrical impulses go through the legs and decrease stomach from time to time.
  • This is because the fetus bumps into the nerves in the pelvic vicinity after sliding toward the cervix in the lower abdomen in preparation for birth.

3- Symptoms of the ninth month of pregnancy

  • The ninth month of being pregnant has special repercussions on the mother, causing a variety of tangible signs that elevate the body's readiness for childbirth.
  • Slight bleeding from time to time due to the contractions that happen in the cervix, marking the opening of its enlargement in instruction for the fetus's crossing through it.
  • Increasing the feeling of fatigue, and the heaviness in the body also increases, with pain in the pubic area, and the frequency of feeling contractions round the uterus.
  • Symptoms that accompanied the pregnant lady from the first months continue, such as: headache, again pain, sleep problems, dizziness, urinary tract infections
  • Most ladies attain an average of eleven to 15 kilograms.

4- Preparing the fetus to descend

  • The fetus's improvement is almost complete all through the ninth month of pregnancy, so that its organs are organized to adapt to face the outdoor world, and begin its journey backyard the womb.
  • Almost all body structures announce the completion of their development via the reactions or moves of the fetus, and the most distinguished trends in the fetus in its ninth month are summarized as follows: The formation of the lungs is finished so that it can use them as quickly as it inhales the outside air when it is born.
  • The immune machine is gradually prepared to face exclusive types of infections as it can, and scientifically, the boom of the digestive machine is no longer absolutely executed till one to two years after birth.
  • This is due to the truth that the fetus does now not rely on it to attain its meals needs, which continues it in a nation of incompleteness till after birth.. The fluff - the quality hairs - that covers the body and mixes with the amniotic fluid, but the bones of the skull in precise remain bendy and now not quite strong as they should. her to be.

5- Tips for the ninth month of pregnancy

  • Avoid stress and anxiety that can also motive many undesirable matters during this unique period.
  • Adhere to the scheduled appointments with the medical doctor accountable for following up on the pregnancy, to test the regularity of integral signs and symptoms and control some common health problems.
  • Such as excessive blood strain and others, which may also have undesirable consequences on the health of the mom and her fetus, making an attempt to take a rest and no longer overburden the body in any of the work.
  • Taking into account the differences between women, as some can also now not experience worn-out that calls for inactiveness and inactivity, and some of them are in a country of continuous endeavor until the time of birth.
  • If the fee of fetal motion decreases, or the mother feels severe pain in the abdomen, or notices the discharge of copious fluid, you must see a health practitioner or go to the nearest clinic immediately.
  • It is preferable for the mother to continue to be at the ready as soon as entering the ninth month of pregnancy; Because the dates of birth fluctuate a lot amongst women, and few of them supply start on the unique date.
  • It is constantly recommended to have a bag for mom and toddler clothes ready to be picked up at any second of labour.

6- The most outstanding ingredients that are advocated to be eaten in the course of the ninth month

  • High-fiber foods, such as vegetables, fruits, total grains, and oats, are calcium-rich foods, to boost bone electricity as it grows.
  • iron-rich foods; Since iron deficiency at some point of being pregnant is one of the major problems, it is vital to focus on meals such as raisins, spinach, broccoli, chicken, peas, eggs, and fish.
  • Foods rich in nutrition C, such as tomatoes, broccoli, strawberries, broccoli, and oranges. Folic acid supplementation is not indicated for pregnant women after the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Therefore, you  focus on foods wealthy in it, such as beans, inexperienced leafy vegetables, chickpeas and foods prosperous in diet A, as it is quintessential for the development of the child's eyesight.