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The secret of black lemon for slimming and the first-class way to lose ten kilos in + a week

Many are looking for the secret of black lemon for weight loss, ie to lose weight, and the fine way to lose weight, the so-called weight loss. In this article, you understand with us how you can reduce ten kilos within a week by way of the usage of the lomi

What do you read in this article:

  • Many people are searching for black lemon or the so-called (lomi) and its relationship to slimming, in view that it keeps public fitness and prevents many diseases and can be included in many dishes and international foods. It contains giant quantities of nutritious minerals and vitamins. Black lemon is a dried lime and is called Lomi or nomi basra or lomi sahari is a kind of spice that is used in Middle Eastern cooking, in particular in Iranian and Iraqi cuisine. It has been used in exceptional civilizations considering historical instances and has unfold to our time.
  • Fresh lemons are boiled in salt water and dried in the sun until the inside turns black and the backyard adjustments from yellow or inexperienced to black They are sold in the market as complete or ground grains.
  • There is no doubt that there are many humans around the world who do no longer recognize or have never heard of black lemon in their lives. What it is, the place it is, how it is used, why it is used, and what are its health advantages for the body.
  • In this article, we will examine about what is lemon and what is the secret of black lemon for slimming and the nice way to lose ten kilos in a week

black lemon

  • This type of lemon has many fans in the Arab nations of the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Iran.
  • In the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf it is typically referred to as “lomi” however some Gulf countries decide upon to title it after their international locations such as “Bahrain Lomi” or “Omani Lomi”.
  • In the case of Iraq, it is referred to as Basra or Dry Nomi due to the fact it reaches Iraq from Oman or India through the port of Basra - Iraq's solely port on the Arabian Gulf.

What is black lemon and the place does it come from?

  • Black lemon or Lome is a kind of citrus that grows in the Mediterranean countries and South Asia. Its leaves are comparable to oranges and belong to the “Citrus aurantifolia” family, which spreads effortlessly due to the lack of need for this agricultural techniques
  • All you have to do is plant the black lemon seeds and wait 5 years for the tree to germinate and supply you black lemons.

It is used as a spice

  • Black lemon, which is generally used as a seasoning after drying, is a tradition that originated in Oman and India and has turn out to be a staple in Gulf, Iraqi, Iranian and even Indian cuisine.
  • In lemon bushes it is green and relying on how dry it is it takes on different colors.
  • The first method: If it is dried on the tree, it turns beige and then darkish brown, and retains a sturdy lemon-sour style and some bitterness that seems when used in cooking, and the lemon will become vibrant in the dark. .
  • Method 2: Boil the lemon in salt water for 5 minutes, then dry it in the sun and depart it in the hot desolate tract sand for a few weeks.
  • This 2nd approach is the most common way to dry lemons and use them later as a seasoning.

How to use black lemon

  • Dried black lemon is used with meat dishes such as Moroccan tagines, stews, soups, grilled meats or boiled vegetables.
  • It can additionally be added immediately to the cooking water for rice, peas or lentils to supply it a smoky and slightly bitter taste.

black lemon

  • To use, it is ample to reduce a dry black lemon and put it in the dishes, or you can pierce the lemon from various sides and put it in the food to determine the taste of the food.
  • In Iraq, it has different makes use of via which Basra Al-Naomi tea is prepared, boiled half a liter of water, and added to it two dry, seedless black lemons and left it on low warmth for 15 minutes, then filtered. Put it on low heat with a little honey or sugar.
  • Black lemon is often used in meat, legumes and seafood dishes. It is peeled and chopped earlier than being brought to the dish. It can additionally be brought as a powder to rice dishes. Black lemon powder is used in the Arabian Gulf kitchen as a spice or combined with spices (known as kabsa) and it is one of the fundamental ingredients in Arab cuisine In the common Iranian, black lemons can be boiled with water and served as a form of warm drink (lomi tea), mainly in winter.


  • Black lemon is regularly used in meat, legume, and seafood dishes. It is peeled and chopped before being delivered to a dish. It can also be delivered as a powder to rice dishes.
  • Black lemon powder is used in Persian Gulf cuisine as a seasoning or combined with spices (known as kabsa) and is one of the foremost substances in ordinary Arab and Iranian cuisine. Black lemon can be boiled with water and served as a kind of warm drink (lomi tea), in particular in winter.

the taste

The style of black lemon is sturdy and has a lemony taste however also has a smoky taste and does now not have the sweetness of a sparkling lemon due to the fact this is a substance that is stored for long-term use it has a slightly bitter style (fermented taste) however its bitter taste is focused in the skin.